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Anet A8 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY Kit – Multiple Filament Types, Large Printing Volume, 0.004mm Precision, SD Card Slot

Anet A8 3D Printer with EU Plug

Brand: Anet

About Anet A8 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY Kit

Anet A8 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY kit – a desktop 3D printer that allows you to print anything your mind can imagine. As this compact 3D printer comes in the form of a DIY kit, it is the perfect tool to enter the world of 3D printing in a fun and affordable manner. Featuring a durable design and coming with laser cut aluminum alloy parts; this 3D printer is easy to assemble by following the manual without the need of any prior technological knowledge.

High cost-effective Anet A8 DIY 3D printer, it features 2004 LCD screen, 5 keys for easy operation, support SD card and off-line printing, customized MK8 nozzle, sturdy and compact lead screw, advanced and high-speed motor, updated sophisticated mainboard, superior power supply system, work well with many types of 3D filament, such as ABS, PLA, HIP, PP and Nylon etc. Widely applied to many field, printing 3D toys, teaching equipment, and other technological devices, great for stimulating users’ creativity and inspiration and realizing their ideal. Assembling DIY 3D printer is a pretty fun experience, all of the kits are produced under the strict observation, high quality products at a reasonable price, this printer is highly recommended for beginner and various 3D works lovers with abundant imagination

With its 220x220x230mm printing volume, this DIY 3D printer allows you to print decent sized objects in up to no time. With an extreme printing precision of 0.04mm, you can be assured that the Prusa i3 DIY kit delivers great result – allowing you to create any object you can imagine in stunning detail and with great precision. Coming with a smooth aluminum alloy printing surface, the performance of this affordable 3D printer is further increased as it guarantees the delivery of a smooth and high-quality 3D printed end product. Supporting both STL and G-code data formats, the Anet A8 3D Printer allows you to use one of the thousands of freely available 3D printing designs and models that have been previously created by 3D printing enthusiasts. Perfect for true printing artists and beginners alike, the Prusa i3 DIY kit is sure to deliver a stunning experience to anybody out there.

Being compatible with all the latest Windows systems, Linux, and Mac – the Anet A8 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY kit supports all the major operating systems, making it a great tool for anybody out there. Perfect for artists, tech-geeks, hobbyists, or designers – this remarkable and cheap DIY 3D printer kit offers you the perfect way to get familiar with the world of 3D printing. Additionally, it is a great tool that can be used in high-school classrooms and at university lectures for educational purposes – bringing some excitement and countless hours of fun into the classroom.

The Anet A8 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY kit comes with a 12 months warranty.

Anet A8 3D Printer Main Features

  • Prusa i3 DIY kit comes with all the parts necessary to easily assemble your own 3D printer
  • Operating system: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10, Mac, Linux
  • Engineered to provide redefined usability, quality, performance
  • Made from the piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame. To maintain the garage-built feel and the handmade charm
  • A great and affordable 3D printer that allows you to enter the creative and unlimited world of 3D printing
  • Supporting both STL and G-Code 3D formats this 3D printer lets you enjoy thousands of freely available online designs
  • Multiple 3D printing filament supportable, support ABS / PLA / wood / nylon PVA / PP / luminescent
  • Extremely accurate 3D printer that features a 220x220x230 printing volume
  • Working environment: Temperature: 10 – 30 Deg.C, humidity: 20 – 50 Deg.C

Anet A8 Performance parameters

– Engraving area: 220 x 220 x 240mm
– Frame material: acrylic plate
– Platform board: aluminum base
– Nozzle quantity: single
– Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
– Layer thickness: 0.1 – 0.3mm
– Memory card offline print: SD card ( not included )
– Print speed: 100mm/s
– Supporting material: ABS, luminescent, nylon PVA, PLA, PP, wood
– Material diameter: 1.75mm
– File format: G-code, OBJ, STL
– XY-axis positioning accuracy: 0.012mm
– Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm
– Voltage: 12V
– Host computer software: cura, repetier-host

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Anet A8 – BEST DIY 3D Printer Kit (2017) – Full Review

Anet A8 3D Printer Reviews @Amazon

By Matthew Newmanon
Review after purchase: Good entry level printer, assembly is fairly technically easy in that all the steps are fairly easy and straight forward but there are a lot of steps which makes it a big project.

The instructions and parts sheet are on the provided micro SD card, I didn’t realize this till after I’d completely assembled it as there is nothing in the box suggesting this is the case. I found build guides on youtube that got me through the build possibly better than the instructions would have.

I’d highly recommend printing the “Z Endstop Fine Adjustment Prusa i3 – Anet A8” on Thingiverse once you get it up and running as it makes Z-adjustment a lot easier and it is very important for print quality

By Matthew D Blanc
The Prusa i3 printer works very good. It is a fun project for those that like to tinker. Printing is good, machine is quiet, parts seem good quality. The seller was very good. Went out of his way to help. I would buy again. Great business man.

Anet A8 3D Printer FAQ’s @Gearbest

Q) Hello again, I understand the environment working temp is 15-30 C but what is the temperature that the extruder is at? Is this rated to work in the UK if I change over the EU plug to a UK one? Can the extruder assembly be upgraded to a dual extruder?

Ans: The temperature of the extruder is about 260℃.
We will send an adapter with all our products according to the order’s country of delivery.
It is unable to be upgraded to a dual extruder.

Q)Does this have a heated bed? I could not find anything in the description.
Ans: It has heated bed.

Q) Does it include filament? Also, is it for 110v in us plug?
Ans: It is without filament. Yes it is US plug. Amazon offering with filament. Anet A8 with Included Filament – Prusa i3 DIY 3D Printer – Prints ABS, PLA – Check